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RAMPCO Engineering, Construction and Maintenance of Petrochemical Industries) which has represented technical and engineering services to Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries for more than 2 decades and being one of the ten premier contractors of middle-east region with international reputation, enunciates  its policy for integrated management system with the goal of increasing competitive ability and elevating services quality. To achieve this, RAMPCO Group emphasizes on corporate Social Responsibility as the basis of its business and in order to improve the quality of provided services, it has established its systems and methods based on the latest revisions of International standards such as:

• ISO 9001

• ISO / TS 29001

• ISO 10015

• ISO 26000

And states the following strategies as the main principles of its policy:

- Beneficiaries satisfaction by effective and well timed responsiveness        

-  Creating job satisfaction along with elevating culture, knowledge and skill level of human resources

- Developing technical-engineering services market and company brand

- Special attention to quality and finishing projects and plans in time

- Achieving maximum power and experience in providing technical and engineering services to different projects

- Developing and elevating connections with other reputable companies in national and international scale

- Benefiting from integrated systems and new informative and communication technologies

- Eminency in responsible and responsive and commitment to applying national and international standards

I believe that by determining and reviewing the above goals and commitment to improve management systems, it is necessary for all RAMPCO Group members to apply these principles with their constant and utmost effort.

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