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 EPC Contract of Kerman New Oil Depot

Kerman Tank farm EPC


In 2007, RAMPCO became responsible to execute an EPC project in order to Construct a new tank farm in Kerman suburb for storage and supply oil products of this city.
N.I.O.P.D.C planned to construct a tank farm with total storage capacity of 325,000 cubic meters which accompanied by other required accessories such as loading system, including top and bottom loading arms and pump sheds, transportation system, control and firefighting system.

Project Name: Kerman Oil Depot EPC Project

Area:                                               60 Hectare
E . P. C. contractor:                        RAMPCO 
Number of Mega Tanks:                  13
Total Capacity of Tanks:                 345,000,000 Liters
Total Contract Price:                       59.4M USD
Manpower during operation:          direct 273 & 70 indirect
Project duration:                            Around 36 months
Starting date of Erection:               Jun 2008
Starting date of operation:             Apr 2011


Volume of Construction Work:


Excavation:                                      260,000 m3
Rebar Work:                                     550 Ton
Concrete Work:                                15,000 m3
Frame work:                                      80,000 m2
Steel Structure:                                 600 Ton
Area of Building:                                 25,800 m2
WID of Piping:                                   80,000 ID
Weight of Erected Equipment:           10,000 Ton
Total Construction Man– Hour:          3,150,000 Man Hours

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