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 EPC Contract of ABADAN-MAHSHAHR Pipelines and Facilities


In 2006, RAMPCO became responsible to execute an EPC project in order to Design, Procurement, Construction, testing and commissioning of a pipeline from Abadan-Mahshahr.
This project which included 24” and two 16” pipelines with capacity of respectively 200,000, 130,000 and 110,000 bpd have been constructed in order to transfer product from Abadan to Mahshahr and also in opposite direction.
The onus on the RAMPCO to execute Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Testing and Commissioning of pipelines from Abadan-Mahshahr. Including all civil, Mechanical and Corrosion protection activities.

General Information
E, P&C Contractor: RAMPCO
Project Name: ABADAN-MAHSHAHR Pipelines and Facilities
Location: From MAHSHAHR Port to ABADAN Refinery
Facilities Area: 3 Hectare
Pipelines Area: 400 Hectare
Total Contract Price: 32M Euro
Project duration: Around 48 months
Starting date of Erection: Mar 2007
Total Construction Man-Hour: 1,900,000 Man-Hours


 Volume of Construction Work:

Pound Pile: in 311 Points and 622 Parts
Area of Building: 3025 m²
Drying Estuary: 180 Hectare
ROW (Right of Way): 100 km
Service Road (By Gravel): 100 km
Soil Filling: Around 2,000,000 m³
Pipeline Welding & Laying: 300 km
Ditch Excavation: 300 km
Fiber Optic Cable Lying: 100 km
Leak Detection System: 3 Points


For download Abadan-Mahshahr Pipeline project`s Brochure Click HERE


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