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 Isomax Tower

Tondgoyan Refinery Isomax Tower (V-439) Revamping


Scope of work:     

Design, Fabrication and Installation of the tower by:

-              Upgrading the material of the body for resisting against H2S Corrosion

-              Upgrading Internals to resist against H2S corrosion and to increase efficiency   of the process

-              Remove Old Tower

-              Strengthening Foundation

-              Installation New Tower


Technical Characteristics

Dimension:             4000 mm Dia x 40,000 mm H

Weight: 140 Tons

New Material: Body: A285 Gr C + Cladding SS-410S

Internals: SS 410 S

Project Period: Total 18 month (12 month, Design & Procurement + 6 months Fabrication & Erection)


 Result: 20% Increasing Production


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