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 Amirkabir Rod Baffle Heat Exchanger

Amirkabir Rod Baffle Heat Exchanger

 Client: Amirkabir Petrochemical Co.

Re-design & Fabrication of E-400 Heat Exchanger by Improvement of Tube Bundle material to Stainless Duplex 2205 for corrosion resistance


Scope of Work:

AEL- Rod Baffle type



Diameter: 3000 mm

Total length: 24,200mm

Dimension s: 3000 mm

Weight: 132 Tons


Process Characteristics:

Pressure (Bar): 

17.8 (Shell Side)               

26.7 (Tube Side)                              


Temperature (˚C):

115 (Shell Side)                

130 (Tube Side)



Old Heat Exchanger: Carbon Steel           

New Heat Exchanger: Stainless Duplex 2205, Tube Bundle A516 Gr 70 (Shell)


Delivery Time: 12 Months



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