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 Maintenance & Overhaul of Tongooyan Petrochemical Co.


Tondgooyan Petrochemical Company has been established in 2004, which is consisting of 2 phase.

 • Phase 1 includes a PTA (terephthalic acid), PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), WWTP and CF units.

• Phase 2 includes a PTA and PET units.

 Total production capacity of the plant is 700,000 t/y PTA and over 800,000 t/y PET.

 Location: Mahshahr Special Economic Zone.


Rampco contract and scope of work

Year: 2010

 Subject: All maintenance works and services units including daily, preventive and emergency maintenance and Overhaul for three years.

 Project Summary:

The onus on RAMPCO to execute all repair and maintenance works, (daily, emergency, preventive maintenance and overhaul according to the maintenance schedule), logistic operation following up and ordering spare part. The services have been considered for all units including PET, PTA 1and CF, Off-site, Cooling towers, packing systems in storage unit, mechanical equipment (static and rotary machineries) unremitting and in 24-hour shifts.


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