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 Maintenance of Razi Petrochemical Plant



RPC inaugurated its first phase in 1968 with a design capacity of 1,000 tones of Ammonia,500 tons of Urea, 480 tons of Phosphoric Acid, 1,320 tones of sulphuric Acid and 300 tones of DAP and 2x547 tons of Sulphur daily. Through the years, RPC plants have been extensively developed. Presently this complex comprises integrated trains; with the annual capacity of 3,700,000 tons and each train consists of Dehydration, Gas liquid Separation, Three Gas Treatment, Three Sulphur Recovery, Sulphur Granulation, Tow Ammonia, Tow Urea, Three Sulphuric Acid, Two DAP, Phosphoric acid Units.

 Location: North-east of Khoormusa region.


Rampco contract and scope of work

Client: Razi Petrochemical Company

 Year: 2007

 Subject: Daily, Preventive and Emergency Maintenance of northern units of Plant

 Project Summary:

The onus is on the RAMPCO to provide daily, preventive and emergency maintenance service and execute the plant scheduled turnaround for northern units such as 2 Gas treatment units, Gas Liquid separation, and Ammonia unit and Sulphur recovery. Also RAMPCO was responsible for heat exchangers and some other fixed equipment rehabilitation in his own workshop.


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