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 Maintenance & Overhaul of Mobin Petrochemical Co.


Mobin Petrochemical Company as the largest centralized utility plant in the world is located in the 1st phase and South Pars Zone. Mobin Plant is supposed to provide the following services:

 1. Power and Steam Generation and distribution

2. Oxygen, Nitrogen, Service Air, Instrument Air Fresh water, demy water and required water for service, firefighting and cooling provision

3. Industrial wastewater, sewage treatment and liquid and solid waste incineration



Power Plant: 990 MW

Steam Generation Plant: 2,865 T/h

Sea Water Intake & Cooling Water Plant: 565000 m3/hr

Oxygen: 160,000NM3/h + 50,400Nm3/h

Nitrogen: 96,000Nm3/h

Air: 61,000Nm3/h

Water: 386330m3/h

Location: South Pars zone- Phase 1


Rampco contract and scope of work

Client: Mobin Petrochemical Company

 Year: 2010

Subject: execution of all repair and maintenance works and services for all units and off-site including daily and emergency maintenance and Turnaround for three years.


Project Summary:

The onus on the RAMPCO to execute maintenance services via the following parts:

RAMPCO was responsible for doing all maintenance work (Daily, Emergency, Preventive, Turnaround and condition monitoring) related for all units, off-site(fire-fighting station, Gas Stations, Power and control lines and Feed and flare lines)

Holding Professional workshops for Mobin Petrochemical Company


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