As a Technical company with value – generating and economically synergistic , RAMPCO embarks on the executive  of general contraction activities in the following: refinery, oil and gas (top and midland) industry and mineral processing units , water, energy, the fabrication, erection and installation of industrial equipment, taking measures regarding the overhaul and maintenance of units, exploiting the most up to date standards , methods and technologies in the national and local markets, the company also ensures the execution of these projects in its social responsibility.


In 5 years, RAMPCO claim the prospect of becoming one of the three top-ranking companies for general contraction in the private sector of the nation and will be a progressive company in the field of overhaul and maintenance of the country`s petrochemical and refinery complexes, becoming the benchmark for other companies.


RAMPCO Group values, are on follow:

  • Social Responsibility
  • Youthfulness, Health and Professional Ethics
  • Learning and Excellence of the organisation
  • Customer Orientation
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Trust, Honesty and Responsibility Acceptance
  • Competitiveness
  • Respect the human being, motivation and Staffs empowerment