RAMPCO Group timeline story


  • The idea of establishing the Company was conceived by its founders and this vision came to being in 1992. The company received its first big overhaul project from Razi Petrochemical Company.

The contract for reconstruction of Imam Khomeini Petrochemical Complex was concluded with the use of 3.500 direct personnel.


Chlor_Alkali Unit of Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex was established along with the Conclusion of the first construction contract for Cooling Tower with the participation of a German company for the PVC unit of Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex.


The first CMMS system in Iran was designed and commissioned by RAMPCO


RAMPCO established its training center with the goal of sharing the experience with the private section of petrochemical industries. Also, it manufactured the first spiral gasket in Iran.


The first furnace unit for Abadan Petrochemical Plant was manufactured.


The construction contract of Olefins Unit for Kavian Petrochemical Complex was concluded which is considered the largest unit ever made in its kind. Also, Rampco purchased its 60% share from Petrochemical Investment Company and converted into a private company.


Rampco’s First EPCF contract for Mehr Petrochemical project and EPC contact for the Oil and Gas sector of Mahshar-Abadan Pipeline were secured along with its first “West Ethylene Pipeline “with The length of 200 km.


  • Upon signing the contract for manufacturing boilers & water supply in Mehr Petrochemical Project the Water and Energy sector of Rampco emerged and developed.

Establishing the Koushan Charity Foundation and introducing it as the shareholder of the 30% of RAMPCO’ Stock Share was a major step towards fulfilling its social responsibilities.


Conclusion of the EPC contract of Sulfuric Acid production plant was a starting point in the Mineral processing


By the joint implantation of major overhaul projects of Sohar Refinery in Oman, Rampco entered the international market.


The Separation of Ownership and Management in the company took shape and also, Rampco Entered O&M project implementation